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by Inky 21. September 2011 15:52

Gosh! Never done a blog before, wonder it the readers will enjoy my ramblings. As time progresses new and strange thoughts may emerge but hopefully they will stimulate responses from readers. Just for today let us muse upon the subject of LTE. For those who have been in the mobile business since mobile phones were the size of briefcases and weigned as much as a pile of bricks, the excitement over LTE has an overpowering sense of deja vu. One remembers GSM and more significantly the hype over 3G which lead to some many broken promises and broken dreams. There is something in the corporate mentality of the mobile industry which provokes it run after the next great idea before it has even completed the development and deployment of the last great idea-rather like a man courting a pretty girl who drops her when another prettier girl walks past. After a rocky start 3G is now the main technology of choice for operators and users and is now delivering on its promises. However many operators are still completing their 3G-and more significantly their HSPA upgrades, and are still hoping to monetize their massive investments. Just when a period of calm and consolidation is the order of the day along comes yet another pretty girl LTE with more promises of more bandwidth and higher data speeds. After the pretty girl comes her ugly sister in the form of government who despite her looks has something everyone wants-more spectum. Bring it on cry the operators we desperately need it to handle the flood of data we are currently handling! But at what price? Although no realistic government could expect to collar the amount of money they got for the 3G spectrum in the current global economic climate they will be looking to maximise the return on the new spectrum they are releasing. Well I know that mobile operators are seeing a river of money flowing through their coffers but how deep are their pockets in reality! Tears before bedtime?

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