Going for a (Sam)sung: siblings sue over shares in family feud

by Inky 20. February 2012 09:46

The 80 year-old chairman of Samsung Electronics, Lee Maeng Hee is suing his younger brother Lee Kung Hee (70) over shares inherited from their late father who founded the company in South Korea back in 1938.
The chairman seeks assets worth £396mn (Won700bn) and claims that, after the death of their father in 1987, the younger brother took over the shares that belonged to other people. The claim involves eight million shares in Samsung Life insurance and others in Samsung Electronics. It all seems of out this world – perhaps from another Galaxy?


A blessing in disguise?

by Inky 1. February 2012 13:59

In his World Communication Day address, The Pope praised the efficiency of digital communications, while at the same time pointing out potential pitfalls, illustrating the conflict between contemplation and communication
With social media in mind he said, in concise phrases often no longer than a verse from the Bible, profound thoughts can be communicated, as long as those taking part in the conversation do not neglect to cultivate their own inner lives."
The pontiff acknowledged that today's communication process is "largely fueled by seeking advice, ideas, information and answers," which, in moderation, can help connect people. But he maintained that this also poses the danger of being "bombarded with answers to questions they have never asked and to needs of which they were unaware."
Sounds like a normal day in the Vatican?
The Vatican is not a stranger to new technologies. Around 1936 Marconi set up the first mobile radio link between The Vatican and Castel Gandolfi (The Pope’s Summer Palace) to facilitate two way voice communications, albeit analogue, and they worked.


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